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The beautiful, intelligent and dangerous Eva is one of the best killer agents in the world. When the authorities decide that she has become uncontrollable, the hunt for her begins. But being an easy target is definitely not for Eve. The irresistible Jessica Chastain in a tense and dramatic action thriller from director Tate Taylor, director Girls on the Train, Ma and The Servants. Colin Farrell, John Malkovich, Common and Geena Davis also joined in the film's brilliant cast.

Eve is used to wandering and changing personalities to get closer to the "object" - a person doomed to die at her hands. Neither position in society, nor money, nor personal protection saves those who are ordained by Eve. It successfully fulfills the most difficult orders, although it exceeds again and again beyond the established framework. Instead of becoming a killing machine, Eve communicates with her "objects", trying to figure out why they were signed with the death penalty. But the guide does not encourage such curiosity at all. Seeing a danger in Eve, a cruel and powerful boss decides to eliminate her. So the special elite agent becomes prey herself, but who can get it?
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Ava (2020)

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Original title:

Ava online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time:1h 36min
Director:Tate Taylor
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