He Went That Way (2023)
Director: Jeffrey Darling
Genres: Crime / Drama / Thriller / New Movies
A journey of curious tensions and bonds between two and at times three interesting characters all on their own path....
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Animal (2023)
Genres: Action / Crime / Drama / New Movies
Family relationships don't always go well. Sometimes fathers and children scatter to different poles and cannot find common ground. This confrontation is felt especially in gangster clans. After all, there the line of fighting not for life, but for...
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Cinnamon (2023)
Genres: Crime / Thriller / New Movies
After a robbery gone wrong, two young lovers are caught in a deadly series of events that threaten to destroy their dreams of a better life....
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Neeyat (2023)
Director: Anu Menon
When a mysterious murder takes place at exiled billionaire Ashish Kapoor's birthday getaway, detective Mira Rao must use all her skill to unravel devious motives as the suspects are Kapoor's close family and friends....
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Englemageren (2023)
Genres: Crime / Thriller / New Movies
The details of the plot have not yet been revealed by the creators, it is only known that this is a story about crime and punishment....
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Por Thozhil (2023)
An academically bright but faint-hearten rookie cop needs to man up and overcome his fears in order to succeed in his very first assignment-team up with a hostile and reclusive senior cop to catch a serial killer on the loose....
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Regina (2023)
Director: Domin D'Silva
Genres: Crime / Thriller / New Movies
Regina is an upright and straightforward girl whose world revolves around her father. However, things change when her father gets killed. She soon gets married to Jo, an employee at a Private bank. What will happen when Jo dies too?...
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Smugglers (2023)
Director: Seung-wan Ryu
Genres: Action / Crime / New Movies
N 1970s, at Guncheon(a small village near sea), there were Haenyeos(women divers who are able to dive w/o equipments), including two best friends Chun-ja and Jin-sook, Jin-sook's brother and Jangdori. They always collected seafood under water for...
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The Retirement Plan (2023)
Director: Tim Brown
Genres: Action / Comedy / Crime / New Movies
In The Retirement Plan, when Ashley (Ashley Greene) and her young daughter Sarah (Thalia Campbell) get caught up in a criminal enterprise that puts their lives at risk, she turns to the only person who can help - her estranged father Matt (Nicolas...
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Jailer (2023)
Director: Nelson Dilipkumar
Genres: Action / Comedy / Crime / New Movies
Muthuvel Pandian is a strict yet empathetic jailer who learns that a gang is trying to rescue their leader from the prison, where he sets out to stop them....
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