Deadly DILF (2023)
Director: Dylan Vox
Genres: Thriller / New Movies
A harmless flirtation between a college freshman and the hot dad next door turns deadly when the young girl becomes obsessed with him and tries to destroy his marriage....
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No Disrespect (2023)
Director: Miles Triplett
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Milk, a 25 year old drug dealer, has had a successful and low-key life as an outlaw. His world gets turned upside down when his father, Bull, a known drug lord who controlled the streets Milk now runs, has been released from prison after 15 years....
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He Went That Way (2023)
Director: Jeffrey Darling
Genres: Crime / Drama / Thriller / New Movies
A journey of curious tensions and bonds between two and at times three interesting characters all on their own path....
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All Fun and Games (2023)
Genres: Horror / Thriller / New Movies
The action of a terrible story takes place in the infamous city of Salem, for some reason so beloved by filmmakers. A group of teenagers go on vacation in a country house. Walking around the neighborhood, one of them finds an old rusty knife with an...
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As Certain as Death (2023)
Director: Hutch Dano
Genres: Horror / New Movies
A camping trip and forced intervention becomes a battle for survival, as five friends must fight not only their own demons but an evil in the woods....
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Never Say Never (2023)
Director: Baoqiang Wang
Genres: Drama / New Movies
A former boxing champion takes decides to break a few rules and train orphans from China's remote countryside in order to give them a future....
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Voice of Sathyanathan (2023)
Director: Raffi
Genres: Comedy / Thriller / New Movies
A man's life becomes increasingly complicated after his neighbor is injured in a dispute over a fence....
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Animal (2023)
Genres: Action / Crime / Drama / New Movies
Family relationships don't always go well. Sometimes fathers and children scatter to different poles and cannot find common ground. This confrontation is felt especially in gangster clans. After all, there the line of fighting not for life, but for...
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Boy in the Walls (2023)
Director: Constance Zimmer
Alisa Jensen, who recently got married, has swapped her busy Manhattan life for a peaceful existence in rural Connecticut. She begins to hear strange noises in the house, she can't shake the feeling that someone is always watching her....
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Litsoneras (2023)
Director: Roman Perez Jr.
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Elria finds out her mother Minerva is having an affair with their worker named Jonas. She plans a dark scheme to break their relationship without knowing she'll be burnt by temptation....
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