Hereditary (2018)

At the heart of the plot is Graham's family, whose members lived their normal everyday lives and wondered about his family tree, the last of their ancestors. And the past was actually dark and terrible and certainly influenced the fate of the descendants. The only family member dedicated to historical family events was Ellen's grandmother, but never dedicated anyone to his secret knowledge. Time passes, grandmother dies and takes all his secrets with her in the grave. After that, family life undergoes significant changes. It all comes from the fact that Charlie and Peter, your granddaughter Ellene, start dreaming nightmares.

Concerned about the events that appear, Annie's mother-in-law decides to understand strange events and begins by trying to find family history. It's not easy for her, because you have to collect information about small berries. After a while, Annie marries up to the terrible truth, which is that the old curse is blocking the Graham family. In short, everything has to do with dangerous forces and the reincarnation of souls. Especially the greatest danger threatens the female sex, which the demonic essence tries to hold. Trying to prevent the danger that her daughter Charlie hangs out, she attends a spiritualist session that exacerbates the situation.

Hereditary (2018)
Hereditary (2018)
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Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:2h 7min
Director:Ari Aster
  • Hereditary (2018)
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