Greenland (2020)

A married couple with their son are fighting for survival during a global catastrophe. They hope to take refuge in an underground bunker in Greenland, while a meteorite hitting Earth threatens to destroy almost all of humanity in the coming days.

Scotsman Josh Garrity is a civil engineer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Josh has a strained relationship with his estranged wife Allison, with whom he is raising his son, Nathan. The man tries to fix everything and make peace with his wife, so he organizes a party in the house: Garrity invites neighbors and friends to watch together the fall of a new comet.

Arriving at the grocery store, Josh witnesses a strange phenomenon: the sky is full of military planes. He unexpectedly receives a strange phone call: an unknown voice on the phone informs him that Garrity's family has been chosen to be saved. Josh and his family are offered to come to a closed base, from where a special plane will take them safely. Not understanding what is happening, the man returns home, where he finds out the terrible truth: Comet Clark has proven to be more dangerous than scientists had assumed and risks destroying almost the entire planet ...

Will Josh and his family be able to evacuate in time and save their lives? We invite fans of post-apocalyptic action movies to watch the online movie "Greenland".

We invite you to watch the movie "Greenland" in our online cinema, in good HD quality. Happy viewing!

Greenland (2020)
Greenland (2020)
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Year: 2020
Country: USA, UK
Time:1h 59min
Director:Ric Roman Waugh
  • Greenland (2020)
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