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The story of one of the most influential physicists and inventors of the twentieth century, Nikola Tesla. An immigrant from Serbia, after moving to America, enters into an unequal rivalry with his great employer, Thomas Edison. Experiencing setbacks, disappointments and persecutions, Tesla is stubbornly pursuing its own special path in science.

Nikola Tesla first encountered electricity as a child when he stroked a cat. Many years later, after moving from his native Serbia to the United States, Tesla began working with the great inventor Thomas Edison, who did not appreciate much of his subordinate's scientific ideas. Tesla's colleagues convince him that the reason for Edison's gravity lies in his personal tragedy: the scientist recently lost his beloved wife.

Due to constant conflicts with Edison, Tesla soon leaves the company and starts working for its competitors. Tesla's life changes dramatically when he meets Ann Morgan, the daughter of a famous banker. With her help, he has the opportunity to open his own company and continue his scientific rivalry with Edison in terms of direct and alternative currents.

We invite all those interested in the history of science to watch the online movie "Tesla" with Ethan Hawke about a brilliant scientist, whose ideas were long before his time.

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Tesla (2020)

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Tesla online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genres: Biography / Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 42min
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