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The story of the end of the powerful gangster Al Capone. After leaving prison, he loses his mental health, but the FBI suspects a deliberate game to hide the millions he made. Capone's surveillance continues. An incredible new reincarnation of Tom Hardy in the image of a fading underworld legend. An unusual gangster drama combines real events and hallucinogenic immersion in the inflamed mind of a 20th century antihero.

After a long prison sentence "for tax evasion", Al Capone was released, irrevocably losing not only influence and power, but even physical and mental health. The rest of his days he lives in a family villa in Florida. The former storm of the underworld is not yet fifty years old and is weaker and more helpless than many older people; he is under the close supervision of his wife and FBI agents. His mind is falling apart. Capone sees hallucinations, nightmares and ghosts from a bloody past. However, not everyone believes in his dementia: it is known that Capone managed to hide an entire fortune before being convicted. The FBI continues to spy on him, hoping to reveal his secret, which he may not be able to remember.
A film about the true unforgiven, its fall and disintegration “Capone. Scarface ”can be watched in our online cinema.

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Capone (2020)

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Original title:

Capone online

Year: 2020
Country: Canada, USA
Time:1h 43min
Director:Josh Trank
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