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When Edna, the elderly widow, suddenly disappears, her daughter Kay and niece Sam arrive at the family mansion alone to investigate what happened. Soon the woman returns, and her loved ones begin to notice changes in her behavior and a frightening presence in the house ...

Missing Edna's relatives come to find her, and the mansion greets them with strange squeaks and rustles. Many doors now have locks that were not there before, things are scattered everywhere and dust has settled, and women have the feeling that the building is gradually falling into disrepair.

Kay and Sam go to the police, but the situation is not clear. The heroines begin to realize that something sinister is happening, but they stay at home at night, and Kay suffers from disturbing visions. Soon, the woman discovers that her mother has suddenly returned and is making tea peacefully in the kitchen. The doctor examines Edna and convinces everyone that she is fine, but Kay and himself feel the presence of strange forces next to them ...

What really happened to the older woman? Does he really have a mental disorder or is it something supernatural to blame for all the weirdos?

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Relic (2020)

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Original title:

Relic online

Year: 2020
Country: Australia, USA
Time:1h 29min
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