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The young violinist Lucy is fighting a guy who accuses her of secret aversion to sex on the verge of a phobia. She decides to prove otherwise and even makes a to-do list to reveal her sexuality. Pretty Little Liars plays Lucy Hale in a sincere romantic comedy based on the autobiographical book Pornology by writer Ayn Carrillo.

Lucy is young, beautiful, lives with a boyfriend and does not understand what is not in her personal life. Even during sex, she does not take off her comfortable pajamas and, instead of sweet moans, screams something from the list of products to buy in the store. Tired of this treatment, her boyfriend decides to move. In parting, he calls Lucy "pornophobic." A strange word strikes the patient: the abandoned girl is offended, depressed and scared. What if this is true and she is destined to die alone because of her complexes? To "heal" and enlighten, Lucy makes a plan for self-education in the intimate sphere. Her list includes articles such as watching porn movies, reading erotic books, visiting a sex shop, strip club and sex workshop, consulting an expert and self-practice. Desperate enthusiasm for a very delicate matter can be dangerous, but empathetic friends and new love help Lucy look at the issue from a different angle.
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A Nice Girl Like You (2020)

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A Nice Girl Like You online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 34min
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