Becky (2020)

Becky, 13, lost her mother, arguing with her father during a trip out of town. While the angry girl escapes into the forest, the man and the company of the guests are taken hostage by runaway criminals. Now only a rebellious young man can save them, and Becky will not stop at nothing to defeat the villains ...

Young Becky, who recently lost her mother, grew up in a difficult adolescence: she is aggressive, a thief and ignores her father Jeff. In an attempt to remedy a difficult relationship, the father and daughter go on weekends to her favorite country house in nature. When they get to that place, Becky suddenly finds out that, in addition to her, Jeff has invited other guests: his new girlfriend Kayla and her son Ty. Unable to forgive her father, the girl gets angry and runs into the woods.

During his absence, Jeff and his guests are taken hostage by a gang of neo-Nazis who are hiding from justice. Criminals are looking for some mysterious keys in the house of heroes and promise to free their victims when they get what they want. After learning what is happening, Becky does not believe the villains: she is convinced that they will not want to leave witnesses alive ... The brave girl begins an operation to save her father and friends, and intends to punish the villains with all severity.

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Becky (2020)
Becky (2020)
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Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time:1h 33min
  • Becky (2020)
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