Rams (2020)

The brothers from the Australian outback Les and Colin love their land and their sheep, but not each other. Their lives are turned upside down when an infection is detected in the herd and everyone in the area is trained to get rid of the animals. Australian adaptation of the Icelandic tragicomedy of the same name about people and sheep, which won the prestigious Cannes Film Festival award. The new version stars Sam Neal, Michael Keyton and Miranda Richardson.

"Aries must be sacrificed", by this decree, indifferent officials come to the homes of confused farmers in Western Australia. There is nothing to do: an animal with paratuberculosis was found in the herd, and now it is necessary to stop the epidemic in the bud. For the older brothers Colin and Les, rams are the most precious thing they have had and still have. They haven't communicated with each other in decades, although they still live in the neighborhood. Will the common misfortune reach a new round in their long-standing enmity or, on the contrary, will it put an end to family discord and their entire past life?
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Rams (2020)
Rams (2020)
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Year: 2020
Country: Australia
Time:1h 58min
Director:Jeremy Sims
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