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The Michaelson family comes to the picturesque lake camp for the holidays. But holiday plans are ruined when their 10-year-old daughter suddenly disappears.

Paul and Wendy seem to be a happy married couple. They get along well and love their adorable daughter Taylor. One autumn day, the family goes with a trailer to the campsite, which is located in a beautiful place surrounded by forest. Nothing can spoil the happy anticipation of the holiday: neither the grumpy owner of the camp, nor the high prices at the local store.

While Wendy was shopping, Paul went fishing, where he had to go with his daughter. After being distracted for a minute by a conversation with a beautiful neighbor Miradna, Paul returns to the camp and calls Taylor, who is playing in the trailer. To her surprise, the girl does not answer, and Wendy, who returns from the store, does not find the child in the car. After interviewing a few caravans and staff, the family called the police. Local Sheriff Baker begins an immediate search. However, the problem is complicated by the fact that an escaped murderer is hiding in the forest. According to the policeman, you should not worry too much, because he is injured and will not be able to go far.

Nervously, Paul and Wendy decide not to wait for news from the police and go to find their daughter in the woods. However, events are beginning to unfold in a completely unexpected scenario.

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The Vanished (2020)

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Original title:

Hour of Lead online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time:1h 55min
Director:Peter Facinelli
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