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The story of a famous miracle, not immediately recognized by the Catholic Church - the apparitions of the Virgin Mary's Fatima in 1917. Three children from inside the Portuguese witnessed the apparitions, but were accused of lying. A penetrating drama about dark times, the children of the First World War and the power of faith, based on real events and the memories of Sister Lucia.

The film takes place in two layers of time. In 1989, the distinguished professor Nichols visited the Coimbra monastery to talk with the famous sister Lucia. While still a 10-year-old girl, she witnessed several apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the city of Fatima. Nichols himself calls ghosts "mentally unstable people," but Sister Lucia is too accustomed to such statements. In a conversation with the teacher, she mentally returns to the events of her childhood, full of fears and difficulties due to the First World War. Then little Lucia, together with her cousin and brother, saw a real miracle and tried to tell the adults about it. From all sides, censorship and pressure from skeptics, officials, clergy and even relatives fell on the children. Like Professor Nichols, they asked a provocative question: why did the Virgin Mary appear to ordinary children in the Portuguese wilderness? To find out about the amazing and resonant events of that time, we suggest you watch the online movie "The Phenomenon".

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Fatima (2020)

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Original title:

Fatima online

Year: 2020
Country: Portugal, USA
Genres: Drama / War / New Movies
Time:1h 53min
Director:Marco Pontecorvo
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