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After the tragedy, police officer Jim Dillon stopped carrying weapons. He must overcome his fear of shooting when a dangerous gang of motorcyclists rushes into the city.

Jim Dillon is a small town police officer who was once a formidable Texas ranger. After a tragic fire, he refused to carry weapons and gave up activities. Everything changes when violent criminals rush to a quiet city by bicycle. They want to take the hostages hostage, cut off communication channels and commit a daring robbery. A truck with cash in transit will drive through the city with a huge amount of money that the bandits hope to get.

The plan seems perfect for motorcyclists, but they underestimate how experienced and strong Jim Dillon is. Facing the criminals, the police officer tries to overcome the fear of firing, take up arms again and face the enemies. Jim is ready to fight for the city to the end, because no one else can protect the inhabitants. Will he be able to deal with the bandits? To find out, watch the interesting action movie "Disturbing the Peace" in our online cinema.

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Disturbing the Peace (2020)

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Disturbing the Peace online

Year: 2020
Country: USA
Time:1h 31min
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