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Vivian befriends Lucy, as well as a group of other girls who have been put down, but her best friend Claudia is reluctant to get behind the movement and it causes a rift between them. Vivian also starts a relationship with a classmate named Seth, who knows she started Moxie and fully supports her.
After Mitchell wins an athlete award over the girls' candidate, Kiera, Vivian walks home depressed, drinking a bottle of champagne along the way. She comes home to find Lisa with John, and is annoyed that she kept this relationship a secret from her. Vivian then throws up.
Later, the Moxie girls respond to Mitchell’s win by putting crude stickers all over the school. Principal Shelly, who was called out by Moxie for not supporting the girls, attempts to shut down the group. Claudia, who eventually joined the group, takes the fall for it. Vivian then hits a low point when Claudia calls her out for not coming forward (she knew Vivian started Moxie), while also hitting a bump with Seth and Lisa after she yells at them and Lisa's boyfriend John during dinner.
Vivian finds a note from an anonymous girl who claimed to have been raped the previous year. Vivian gets Moxie supporters to stage a walk-out in support of the girl. The majority of students do so, and Vivian reveals to have started Moxie. Head cheerleader Emma comes forward as the girl who wrote the note, stating that Mitchell, her ex, was her rapist. She stands up and reveals to everyone that Mitchell raped her the previous year when they were dating, and him calling her “Most Bangable” left her mortified. All the students are horrified and lend their support. Shelly overhears and prepares to punish Mitchell at last. 
Vivian reconciles with her mom, Claudia, and Seth, and Moxie gains more followers. Lisa expresses pride in her daughter. The girls throw a party in celebration for Moxie.

Moxie (2021)

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Original title:

Moxie online

Year: 2021
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Music / New Movies
Time:1h 51min
Director:Amy Poehler
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