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​Arriving at the fortress, the heroes and "Shakespeare" break in, defeat the guards, and discover several prisoners in the dungeons. "Shakespeare" rescues a prisoner who says someone told him of "Shakespeare's" arrival and implores him to prevent something from happening. A guard attacks "Shakespeare", only for the bullets to bounce off of him. When Wonder Woman, Allen, and Trevor arrive, "Shakespeare" identifies himself as Clark Kent. However, when he reveals a different background from the Kent he knows, Allen realizes that he is actually in a parallel reality. The rest of the team finds the codebreaker, whom Hawkman recognizes as Doctor Fate. Breaking the code with his powers, Fate directs the team to the Bermuda Triangle before disappearing.
Arriving at the Triangle by sub, the team is detected by Nazi warships. After depth charges disable the engines, the Flashes jump-start the sub while Wonder Woman heads out to destroy the enemy ships. The heroes are saved by Atlantean soldiers, who direct them to a nearby outpost. Met by the Advisor, the team meets Aquaman, who imprisons them. It is revealed that Aquaman is being controlled by the Advisor, who is influencing the Atlanteans to work with the Nazis in the hopes of destroying them later so he can take over the planet. After the Flashes realize they are becoming weaker while they are together, they join forces to regain their strength and break out. The team splits up, with one heading for New York to stop the Nazis and Atlanteans while Allen and Wonder Woman try to stop Aquaman and the Advisor from releasing monsters from the Trench.
Atlantis attacks Manhattan until the JSA arrives. They gain the upper hand until the Trench monsters arrive, killing Hawkman and wounding Hourman. Garrick and Canary destroy the monsters while Wonder Woman and Allen arrive and fight Aquaman, during which she destroys Aquaman's trident and frees him from the Advisor's control. Realizing what he has done, Aquaman retreats in shame. However, the Advisor reappears and reveals that a follow-up strike by Nazi bombers is following before killing Trevor. Barry knocks out the Advisor before Kent returns to destroy the bombers.
Realizing he must return to his Earth, Allen shares his goodbyes with the JSA and Wonder Woman gives him the ring Trevor gave her, warning him of missing opportunities with his loved ones. Allen and Garrick use their combined speed to send the former back to the moment he intercepted the Kryptonite bullet. After destroying Brainiac with it, Allen suggests forming a team to Superman before returning to Iris and proposing to her, which she accepts.​

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Justice Society: World War II (2021)

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Justice Society: World War II online

Year: 2021
Country: USA
Time:1h 24min
Director:Jeff Wamester
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