North Hollywood (2021)

Michael goes to a meeting with a college counselor, who is surprised that Michael wants to go to college, when he cannot even name his SAT test score. She tells him bluntly that he isn't going to college, but can still make a living for himself. She believes he can become a professional skater if he puts in the work, and applies himself. Michael goes to lunch with Rachel, but previously had told Jay and Adolf that he could not hangout because of his dad. However, when Michael is with Rachel, he runs into Jay and Adolf in the street. Jay and Adolf confront Michael about how he never hangs out with them anymore. Michael seems however like he wants to know where they are skating, but they do not tell him.Rachel points out that Michael should just bring Jay and Adolf skating with the pros, but Michael says that Jay and Adolf don't take skating seriously enough where he would actually bring them. Michael told Jay and Adolf he could still not hangout, but proceeds to go to a show with Rachel that Jay and Adolf are at. Adolf, in particular, is very disappointed in Michael. Michael then clearly states that he does not want to hangout with Adolf because he acts like a kid. Adolf then warns Michael to watch himself.
Michael continues to hangout and skate with the pros. At the warehouse for Nolan and Isiah's company, Walker warns Michael that most people who try to skate professionally end up working in a skate shop, and that it is a very hard profession to pursue. 
Rachel gives Michael four stones, to help with luck, success, focus, and truth. Michael seems to not take her stones very seriously. Michael and Rachel go to a party, where they share a very intimate kiss, and Michael confesses his liking for Rachel. In the morning, Michael is talking to Rachel's dad. He is very pleased that Rachel will be attending Stanford University. Rachel's dad asks Michael about his skating, to which Michael says is doing good. Rachel's dad, however, says that he doesn't think it is really much of a plan. 
Michael walks into a house that Walker normally hangs out at. However, Michael is very displeased with Walker's behavior, and calls him a loser. Walker, extremely angered by this, throws several punches at Michael and is mad that Michael thinks he is better than him. Michael's dad sees the aftermath of Walker's punches, and tells Michael that he is not going to skate, and that he is also not going to go to college. Michael starts working for his dad and shaves his head. Michael approaches Nolan and Isiah, who don't recognize him at first. Once they do, they tell him that he needs it together and are also disappointed for the altercation with Walker. 

North Hollywood (2021)
North Hollywood (2021)
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Original title:

North Hollywood

Year: 2021
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 33min
Director:Mikey Alfred
  • North Hollywood (2021)
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