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Following the investigation, Baby gets close to Nitin and Sharmila. Nitin tells another story and Baby follows the lead and finds out that it is another actual crime. In order to find the root of these stories, Sharmila, Baby and Nitin travels to the house of a person Sharmila is close to; an old man who was like Nitin's Godfather. At night when Baby gets disturbing visions, he walks out and goes to Sharmila and Nitin's room only to discover a shocking truth. Sharmila was the one telling Nitin stories of murder in her sleep. After rushing back home, leaving Sharmila and Nitin alone, he talks with his friends about his discovery. And when Sharmila comes back, her and Baby goes on a ride and Baby informs Sharmila the entire truth. She is shocked, and Baby decides to find the root of these stories. He questions her about her Mother, to her annoyance. Finally, in the end they meet Viswanathan (Lal), the one who took care of Sharmila after her mother's death. And it is revealed that Viswanathan was the one who told her the stories, and he also reveals to Sharmila that he was the one who killed her mother. He attempts to kill her as well. Luckily Baby rushes to Sharmila's place and saves her, but Viswanathan accidentally loses his footing at the balcony and falls to his death.

Nizhal (2021)

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Original title:

Nizhal online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Time:1h 58min
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