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​Vijay orders a search for Khalid, and sends his teammate Ali Reza undercover in prison where one of Khalid's allies, Mohammed Peerbuoy, who instructs Ali to visit a library named Darul-ul-Islam in Darbhanga, Bihar under his recommendation. Through further investigating, Vijay reveals the culprit to be Khalid Bhatkal, a member of the Indian Mujahideen. On the other hand, Khalid targets Indian Premier League and enlists Khatil for the job. However, Khatil is nabbed by Vijay's team in Bihar while visiting his ailing son and provides them with Indian Mujahideen's details in exchange for his son's treatment. With his help, police nab several suspects. Asadullah, the librarian, enlists Ali to meet with a special person at Mumbai, and learning of this, Vijay believes him to be Khalid himself. In Mumbai, Khalid instructs Ali through a phone call while watching him. Vijay also keeps an eye on the movements and is about to nab Khalid as the latter prepares to meet Ali inside a taxi, but the mission is foiled by the Mumbai ATS who were following Ali due to a tip-off from the Bihar intelligence. Enraged, Vijay slaps one of the cops and is suspended from the mission. However, he continues working unofficially and through Arya, a source in Nepal, learns Khalid is hiding there. He asks for Hemanth's help, but the ministry turns them down. Vijay finally flees to Nepal along with his team to execute the covert "Operation Wild Dog".
At the rendezvous point, they are attacked by armed men, before Arya arrives and helps them fight off the attackers. Hemanth is suspected for blowing their cover, since he was the only one aware of the mission. Laxman, a senior inspector at Nepal Intelligence, reveals they were attacked by the henchmen of a don named Bomzan, who is ambushed and reveals he was ordered to kill them by Abdullah, an MP working for the ISI. Vijay executes Bomzan before ordering him to lie to Abdullah about killing them. Vijay and his team fail to capture Khalid at the wedding of Abdullah's son, but later succeed following a shootout with the Maoists guarding him. Laxman betrays them by revealing to Abdullah about their escape in an ambulance, but Vijay improvises the route. Khalid awakens and attacks Vijay who overpowers him as the ambulance reaches the border. Two of Vijay's teammates disguised as Indian Embassy officials request the ambulance's entry for a "VIP's operation". Vijay's defibrillation experiment involving Khalid works and seeing his life in danger, the ambulance is allowed to pass through the borders. It is further revealed Vijay secretely texted Hemanth about a traitor in the agency and it was discovered to be Hemanth's friend Vinod, who was assisting with the operation. Vijay hands over Khalid to Hemanth, and salutes the tricolor along with his team.​

Wild Dog (2021)

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Original title:

Wild Dog online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Time:2h 25min
Director:Ahishor Solomon
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