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​After escaping from Baba Yaga's, the siblings find their way to the swamplands, where mermaids live. However, the Lake Witch, Queen of the Mermaids, mistakes them for spies for Ilvira, the witch of the Gingerbread House and the former chef of the King. They are sparred from being turned into fish when her daughter recognizes Gretel as the one who saved her from a previous altercation. Hansel and Gretel discover that the mermaids have imprisoned more of Ilvira's goons. No one is able to get any information from the cookies because they speak in gibberish. Gretel frees the goons. The cookies lead them to Ilvira's secret Gingerbread House and ultimately to the kidnapped King. Ilvira managed to feed the King cookies infused with a love potion to force him to marry her, which would make her Queen. She captures the children and sends them into the cake-like oven.
In the oven, Hansel and Gretel argue with each other; Gretel is disappointed in her brother's occupation as a con artist while Hansel is saddened that Gretel prioritized her career as an agent over her own family. Hansel reveals to Gretel that while their parents did advocate for their children to be honest, their jobs as agents for the S.M.C.A. were not enough to fund Gretel's education and that Hansel had given up his chance at an honest life to pay for Gretel's tuition, which he told Gretel was a scholarship from the King. Gretel realizes how much Hansel had sacrificed for her. They both reconcile and escape the oven.
The siblings prepare an antidote with the phoenix feather from earlier on and head off to the wedding on a dragon statue, following the beacons Hansel left behind throughout their journey. Gretel manages to give the King the antidote but the marriage gets sealed before they could stop Ilvira. Everyone else in attendance are under Ilvira's control, having also eaten her love potion-infused cookies. Before Gretel could pour the antidote into Ilvira's cookie-making machine, Ilvira takes the antidote back and shoves the children into the batter to be baked into cookies. However, using a gadget of S.M.C.A. equipment Hansel stole from the agency earlier, Hansel and Gretel manage to escape and get the antidote back, dropping Ilvira into the cookie batter. She gets blasted into the air and lands on a doughnut Kolobok that attacked Hansel and Gretel earlier.
Having saved the King and the kingdom from Ilvira, Gretel is awarded the title of "Best Agent" by the S.M.C.A. and Hansel is given an official license to perform magic, which he declines since he is incapable of using real magic. Gretel decides to work with her brother on all of her future assignments.​

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Secret Magic Control Agency (2021)

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Secret Magic Control Agency online

Year: 2021
Country: Russia, USA
Time:1h 43min
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