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Camille, Helina, Alice, Bethany, and Yvonne meet for another seance to contact Rosalind and ask her what happened. Rosalind's spirit states she was murdered and identifies Camille as the killer. Alice attacks Camille while the others grow suspicious of Camille. While practicing for her dance recital, Yvonne is murdered by the masked figure Bethany saw. After another haunting from Kerrie, Camille moves in with Helina, and the two comfort each other over recent events. Alice receives a text from Yvonne asking her to go outside, where she discovers Lenora's corpse before being knocked out by the masked assailant. Camille tries to follow Alice but is knocked unconscious by another masked assailant.
Camille awakens restrained in the library next to an unconscious Alice. Bethany and Trevor reveal themselves as the killers and secret lovers, having murdered Kerrie and Alice's clique in an attempt to hide the fact that Bethany stole an essay from Kerrie which Bethany ended up winning a $250,000 scholarship from. Bethany also reveals she faked the communication with the spirits at the seances and that Trevor murdered Alicia Kane who was his babysitter and faked her suicide. Bethany states her plan to murder Alice, frame Camille for the murders, and then tie up any loose ends by killing Helina in a faked suicide. Camille reveals that she isn't really Camille, having assumed Camille Meadows's identity in order to avenge her friend Kerrie. The power goes out, causing Bethany to leave and fix it. As Trevor threatens Camille, Helina knocks him unconscious and frees Camille and Alice, having been lead to the library by Kerrie's ghost.
The trio attempts to escape but the power comes back on and Bethany ambushes them. Camille fends Bethany off and stabs her in the neck with a light bulb, killing her. Alice and Helina escape the library as Trevor reawakens. Camille manages to decapitate him with a bookshelf. Camille retrieves some photos of her and Kerrie from her dorm room and goes to leave only to be confronted by Helina. Camille tells Helina about her faked identity while Helina asks how she will find Camille in the future. Camille kisses Helina, waving both her and Kerrie's ghost goodbye before leaving the academy campus.

Seance (2021)

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Original title:

Seance online

Year: 2021
Country: USA
Genres: Horror / Mystery / New Movies
Time:1h 32min
Director:Simon Barrett
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