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​Later when Kabir meets he takes her home & on the way they see a crowd. Kabir halts to check & finds about the murder & Suhana quietly collects her hair clip which she had lost there earlier. When they return home the Police officer is already investigating his secret room & when Kabir narrates the entire story to her she is convinced that only Kabir has a motive for both the murders. Kabir explains to her that he has already worked out a solution with his lawyer & they would backdate his contracts for the Zaran Khan series to escape the mess & he has already revealed his identity on his blog. Since there is no evidence she cannot arrest him & asks both of them to visit her office the next day. The next day Suhana tells Kabir that she has witnessed the second murder & Kabir encourages her to report this to the police. As they approach the police station Suhana sees the murderer coming out of the police station & ask Kabir to drive away. Kabir drops her at her workplace & visits the police station to find out about the killer. The officer in charge tells him that the person who left the police station is Dr Rao  (Atul Kulkarni) from St. Paul's hospital in Bangalore who was first arrested for molestation charges but they let him go because the said victim withdrew her complaint.
Kabir finds out that St Paul's hospital is actually a mental asylum & Dr Rao has left to search for a patient. Finally, there is a faceoff of Suhana with Dr Rao & she snatches the gun from the Police officer & threatens to kill him. Kabir intervenes & reveals to her that she is the patient Dr Rao is looking for. It is now revealed that Suhana had earlier killed her father on that fateful night & suffered schizophrenia post that incident. She is treated by Dr Rao & one day she runs away from the hospital when a staff member tries to molest her. Later her condition deteriorates because she has not taken her medicines. In such a condition when Kabir is threatened by Ricky, her alter ego takes over & she commits these 2 murders. Kabir is able to calm her down & she surrenders herself. Later she is shown to be recovering at St Paul's hospital & Kabir meets her every day. Dr Rao and officer discuss about the two and Dr Rao tells the officer that Suhana is getting better, also that charges against Suhana have been dropped due to her mental condition and by next week, Kabir might be able to take her home. However, the officer is not convinced as she tells Dr Rao that the case is not over for her yet as the murders in Zaraan Khan’s novels have actually taken place and she is sure Kabir is infact Zaraan Khan and once Suhana is released, Suhana and Kabir might become a dangerous and powerful duo. Though Dr Rao tells her that Kabir is simply a writer, the officer is not convinced and leaves telling Dr Rao that they will meet again. After she leaves, Dr Rao thinks about her words while looking at Kabir and Suhana.​

Koi Jaane Na (2021)

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Original title:

Koi Jaane Na online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Thriller / New Movies
Time:2h 21min
Director:Amin Hajee
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