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Inspired from cases that were reported under the Cyber Cell department throughout the country, Operation Java opens several investigation files, fictionizes it, and takes us through these cases from the point of view of Antony and Dasan. Striving to make a living through casual jobs, Antony and Dasan dream of making it big someday, but they just don't make it to the shore. To the duo, clinging on to the 'lead' they had found in an interesting case is their only "escape from reality". The Director focuses on two issues here; cyber-crime and unemployment and brings about an equal balance in both core elements. While the subjects of cyber-crimes reveal how frightening and cunning certain Humans can be, the light that falls on Antony and Dasan and their lives make you empathetic and feel pity for them. I felt the first act of the screenplay to be the most interesting and entertaining, whereas better casting and a proper ending would've uplifted 'Operation Angel'. Also, with most of the shots being single takes, as an audience, you feel as if you are one among the group of officers, which is a huge plus point in keeping the audience engaged, and to add to this engagement, there is beaty music from Jakes Bejoy kicking it up a notch. There have been plenty of movies and TV shows that dealt with financial frauds, scams, and cyber-crimes. Operation Java is a mix of these movies and TV shows with a 'home ground' script, and by home ground, what I meant is how much the language audience can relate to. Malayalam cinema yet again proves that it does not need big names on the poster to attract the audience, content is always king in this industry.

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Operation Java (2021)

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Operation Java online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Crime / Drama / Thriller / New Movies
Time:2h 26min
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