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I tried to engage myself with this BS at several points of the 'movie' to not avail. To be honest, only the first 7.5 minutes was I able to watch continuously, after that I tried at many points to look at it, futilely. To give you a clue, the opening credits are already so amateurish, that it is an insult to even amateurs. Straight to video films are well above its design 'quality'. However, what follows acting wise is even worse. Painfully bad. And at any point I tried took at it, it was the same. Like uninterested people from the streets were handed random dialogs to make them work in a film. They couldn't. It is a shame to waste precious resources to this kind of nonsense. Nice pictures though. That's why it earned 2 stars from me. Otherwise, it would be -5.

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Attraction to Paris (2021)

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Original title:

Attraction to Paris online

Year: 2021
Country: USA, Puerto Rico
Time:1h 52min
Director:Jesús del Cerro
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