Aarkkariyam (2021)

The crime was never discovered as Augustine used to disappear for long periods and a decomposing body was identified as Augustine's body by his mother and Shirley. Roy is in anguish, he doesn't want to be an abettor in the crime but finally helps Itty dig up the bones and burn it. Old Itty moves into his new apartment and begins to shows signs of dementia.In the last scene of the movie, Shirley narrates how she was haunted by the pity of the people after Augustine's disappearance and how as a young and dependent mother, she wanted a closure of the events. She admits that she never identified the body as Augustine's mother has identified it. Roy is left with the sinking realization that he would forever carry this secret like a cross to his grave.

Aarkkariyam (2021)
Aarkkariyam (2021)
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Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 6min
  • Aarkkariyam (2021)
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