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​On the day of Anu's marriage, she kisses Arjun publicly in front of all the invitees. Being helpless, Arjun marries Anu due to family pressure. On their first night, Anu reveals that she overheard a discussion between Arjun and his friends and got to know about Arjun's ill doing that spoiled her study plans. She confesses that the marriage was a revenge plan and Arjun has no other option now but to take her abroad with him to the University. He manages to trick the other applicant to withdraw from the top University. The married couple now move to Dubai.  
In Dubai, Arjun and Anu have a Tom and Jerry relationship. One day after coming back from a night party, a mild physical fight starts which turns into romance. Anu becomes pregnant but Arjun is not ready for it as he is not happy in the relationship and asks her to get an abortion. He alleges that Anu is purportedly turning his life into hell by trapping him in marriage and now parenthood. Angered with his allegations, Anu promises that she will divorce him once her study completes and that she doesn't expect even his slightest involvement in the pregnancy. 
Sensing the problem between the couple, parents of Anu and Arjun visit them and try to convince them into building the marriage. Although unmoved by their advice, Anu and Arjun decide not to fight as long as their parents stay. Meanwhile, Arjun feels ecstatic when he feels the baby kick from the womb and gradually realises the love Anu has for him. He also develops love for Anu recollecting the best moments they had and how she kept up with his hatred so far. In the end, after the birth of their baby they reunite.​

Rang De (2021)

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Original title:

Rang De online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Romance / New Movies
Time:2h 10min
Director:Venky Atluri
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