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ZEE5 Nail Polish is a psychological drama, which changes color in the court. Despite all the scientific evidence against Veer Singh, Jai Singh argues: Unless science is accurate, it is not science, its astrology, where planets can be taken to get desired results.

This story revolves so fast at its mid-point that many vortices are formed. In the mind of the viewer, however, they are born. Veer Singh's character becomes a challenge for the court and the viewer as to what opinion to form about him. The three judges, lawyers, and spectators have to think here.

The film 'Nail Polish' is a film made only for adults, but here this information is only for brainstorming.

The film runs at a slow pace and completes its talk in about two hours and five minutes. From time to time in ZEE5 Nail Polish, new colors, new hues emerge and the thrill remains.

The film leaves the answers to the questions to the audience. The film exposes the weaknesses of the law but it is not a melodrama like the 'blind law'.

This is a story based on a solid basis, to understand it, you just have to keep your mind alert.

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Nail Polish (2021)

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Nail Polish online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 8min
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