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Sound of Violence is a film that's so inept on so many levels that it's truly disturbing --- not in the way horror films are meant to be, either. It's a product of a truly deranged mind. There are more vomit-inducing films out there (Salo, Blood-sucking Freaks), but I'm not so sure Alex Noyer understands that Sound of Violence is repugnant. That's the disturbing part.

The premise is interesting, but the execution is haphazard and sadistic, the acting is marginal, and (most of all) the script just doesn't make sense. Things occur in this movie that defy logic and rationality, and I'm talking about how events just seem to "happen" with no lead-in, background, or reasoning barring that maybe the anti-heroine has super-powers. That leaves the possibility that it's a black comedy.... no, that's not it either. Sound of Violence would have to have something to parody, and it doesn't, except maybe itself.

Alexis grows up deaf and to add to her trauma, she witnesses her PTSD-addled father brutally bludgeon her mother to death. Then she grows up to go on a killing spree of her own to (I guess?) relive the trauma in some euphoric attempt at self-healing through the sound of her victims being beaten, cut up, and tortured to death in a variety of twisted but not very interesting ways (think of a dull version of "Happy Birthday To Me"... wow).

Why does she have this sadistic psychopathology? No one knows, or seems to care except for the ridiculously stapled-in cop character and Alexis' best friend, Marie (I actually felt sorry for Lili Simmons here. Her performance is the only one in the movie that feels genuine).

Alex Noyer apparently gets off on gross-out special effects. There's literally nothing else to enjoy here unless you're a serial killer. A shame someone who could actually craft a script wasn't in the budget. The last time I saw something this amateurish was a film called LA Slasher, another Cali-made home video cheapy with no sense of style, sense, or coherence.

This is more a warning than a review, and I echo others here. Please, stay away. Unless snuff movies are your idea of a fun time.

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Sound of Violence (2021)

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Year: 2021
Country: Finland, USA
Time:1h 34min
Director:Alex Noyer
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