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Thaen follows a heart breaking story of an unknown Indian called Velu, who against all odds faces insurmountable challenges in the form of red tape when his wife is diagnosed with a rare disease.

Velu's only mistake in life is being born poor in a country like this. The movie highlights several social issues that haunts the poor till this very day. Full credit and a standing ovation to director Ganesh Vinayakan for making this wonderful movie. No amount of appreciation is considered less for the director's accurate depiction of pain and suffering suffered by the protagonist's family throughout the movie.

Cinematography is excellent, the visual beauty of the western ghats is captured wonderfully well in the early portion of the movie. Screenplay is written wonderfully well, the heart breaking scenes on struggles of the poor are written beautifully, I am very sure that the storyline will strike the right cords and will touch the viewer's hearts no matter which part of the globe they are from. Music and songs were excellent, barring a few places where the background score was too loud. Production design, costumes and makeup were par considering the budget. Editing has some issues, but a 105 minute runtime will not bother the viewer much. As the movie has several non regular actors in lead & supporting roles, many performances were either bland or pretty raw but the storyline and well written content will definitely make the viewer to overlook things.

Overall, Thaen means honey in Tamil, but there is absolutely nothing sweet about this movie, the movie highlighting several social issues will leave only bitterness within the viewer. Thaen without a doubt, will put forward several questions for the viewer throughout the movie, the writing will remind us to thank for the life that we have and stop complaining altogether. Everyone knows that, the system is long due for an outright overhaul, but in cases like the one presented in the movie, the whole system is depicted as a complete failure, who is it to blame? The voters? Or the government?. Highly recommended for viewers of all ages. 7.8 stars out of 10 for the movie on social issues that stings the viewer like a Thaenee (Honeybee).

Thaen (2021)

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Original title:

Thaen online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 44min
Director:Ganesh Vinayak
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