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Please ignore one sentence 'reviews' on here written by those who lack the sympathetic comprehension to either understand or appreciate what's not been produced by the run of the mill, industrial cookie cutter film machine.

They're upset they've encountered a challenging film defeating their capacity to understand and, through the ignorance of their attack stance, prove themselves among those who fear the unique and original such as you too will find yourself experiencing if you open your mind and join with the maker of this film who admonishes us all in the directive, Let's Dream.

Among 2020s crop of unrewarding, usual, cliched, jump scare and gore strewn attempts to revitalise various supernatural genres, all of them done to proverbial death in past decades, Let's Dream leaps out from the cinematic field as an homage to imaginative originality, sublime performances, concise, evocative, poetic, whimsical dialogue and as a prime example what greatness may be achieved when determined passion combines with talent and artful skill to create, (from an obvious low budget base), the riches of a cinematic marvel, bound to become a cult classic for its atmospheric oddities, ethereal evocations and fascinatingly entertaining content.

Let's Dream stands out as an example expounding what may be achieved through the power of an original imaginative idea when combined with artfully considered photographic and location choices and skillfully directed acting, thus invoking a sense of otherworldly atmosphere necessary to convey the viewer's imagination to a place of synergy with great success.

Unusually, in a film filled with much tension and intrigue, it manages to achieve these elements of the thriller, blisteringly, by utilising a most unexpected and disarming technique, that is, by employing not fast cut but instead a meandering pace to its unpredictable, mysterious and intriguing narrative, one that ebbs and flows like a REM sleep vision or the quiet meditation of a daydream, albeit one saw toothed with jagged edges, indicating all is not well with the assurance of a phantom moon.

At one end of the narrative spectrum this film serves as a timely reminder of the importance of getting our act together and mitigating the negative effects of climate change before our entire history as a global culture winds up as an archaeologically retrieved series of files on a thumb drive collected by an alien race whilst passing by and stopping in at, what was once known as an inhabited, livable planet, and at the other, it may be interpreted as a reflection of the inner narrative of the consciousness within the individual as a part of, and apart from, the journey we're all upon (like it or not) as a society, moving toward a comprehension of self awareness within the universe as a whole.

Time does not permit an exhaustive litany of interpretations, but Let's Dream has an abundance to offer, such as its title suggests. This review would be incomplete without mentioning the triple threat that is Let's Dream's lead actor, director and writer, an artist emanating charismatic star quality boundlessly and bound, no doubt, to be recorded within the pantheon of movie making history as one its true greats-a legitimate classic 'movie star' of the highest caliber and of the most venerable, old Hollywood style order.

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Let's Dream (2021)

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Let's Dream online

Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time:1h 34min
Director:Eric Gorlow
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