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The film takes place in France in 1915. The world is swallowed up by the First World War. Most men went to the front, so hard work falls on the fragile women's shoulders. This is especially true for rural women working on huge farms that once have a good income. All the forces he throws to something to save the little one left. Madame Ortans is an elderly woman who led two sons in the war and follows a big farm with her daughter Solange. They are extremely powerless because there is a lot of work on the farm. Once they have a young woman named Francine on the farm, whose help he takes with great joy. Together they will have to face many difficulties and troubles ...

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The Guardians (2017)

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Original title:

Les gardiennes online

Year: 2017
Country: Switzerland, France
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 18min
Director:Xavier Beauvois
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