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2021, Benidorm (Valencia, east to Spain). In a city by the sea that never sleeps and every night is a party, Dani is a young man disappointed with life: still grieved by the deaths of his parents when he was a child, Dani spends his days caring his aged grandfather Dani "El Guitarras" after the recent death of his grandmother, dividing his time between to be with his best friend Pierre (an aspiring actor in shows and musicals), Pierre's mother Marie France (Dani's mother best friend) and work as waiter for Shirley in her bar with the beautiful and joy Moni as job partner. Gifted with a voice to sing but bored with the false glamour of impersonator singers making covers of famous songs, one night Dani meets Sandra and her friend Margarita, that they work impersonating Adele and Amy Winehouse. Feeling an instant love interest for Sandra, she discovers Dani's voice during a disco party and with help of Popi, she organizes a solo gig for him in Popi's local. But at the moment of truth Dani suffers an attack of stage fright, making a terrible gig. Even worse, Dani has a strong discussion with his grandfather about to live as waiter instead as singer, and during a performance of Margarita as Amy, Dani and Pierre have a fight with some customers who were despising Margarita, causing that Sandra rejects him by his bad attitude. Resentful with his parents by their addiction to drugs and their premature death by overdose and struck by the remembers of the past, Dani renounces to his dream to find something really authentic to sing, accepting a life as waiter. While Margarita leaves the stage after the happened and she moves away, Sandra accepts give Dani a second chance for them two, insisting him to try again and make reality his dream, looking not only to play something authentic, but finding his own voice to celebrate life and the importance to have friends to share it.

El Cover (2021)

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Original title:

El Cover online

Year: 2021
Country: Portugal, Spain
Time:1h 23min
Director:Secun de la Rosa
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