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We're going to start with how much I love shark movies. If it has a shark in it, I'm going to watch it. Good or bad. I put shark movies into two categories; realistic ones like Jaws where it really is just a shark, and the silly ones. Donald Farmer's Shark Exorcist comes to mind right off the top of my head.

Finally, someone has embraced the insanity of the shark film and, of course it would have to be Tim Ritter.

I can still remember when Truth or Dare; A Critical Madness came to the video store. I even liked the first sequel and was able to tolerate the third one. Killing Spree is an excellent example of a fever dream made cellouid and Creep, well I do love Creep.

Now we have Sharks of the Corn. It makes an automatic trigger for the classic Children of the Corn and that's a good thing.

The basic idea is that Teddy Bo Lucas (Steven Guynn) is a mass murderer. But, his reasons are that he is helping to bring an ancient shark goddess back into existence when the Blood Moon is in conjunction with Stonehenge.

I know right?!?

So, when Sheriff Scheider (Shannon Stockin) happens upon Teddy with a car full of body parts, she drags him in for the murder of her sister.

Meanwhile, CIA Agent Benchley (Casey Miracle) is working undercover to find out what is going on with a shark cult.

Oh, and the cornfields are full of sharks that just swim through the corn without a care in the world and shred anyone who comes into the field.

I traditionally avoid horror movies' with a run time of over 90 minutes, but I always give Tim Ritter a chance and I'm so happy I did. This thing just keeps moving along at an insane rate. Ritter knows enough about exploitation to give us gore, blood and boobs. Those are always a welcome thing in a movie.

What really makes it work is the fact that a ludicrous concept is presented to us and never made fun of. Just dead serious acting with then subject matter makes it work.

And then there's the other reason this is such a great movie.

Steven Guynn as Teddy, the shark killer. He is amazing to watch onscreen. You can feel the manic intensity come off the screen. He is a joy to watch.

So, if you think you've seen it all and not watched this movie, you haven't.

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Sharks of the Corn (2021)

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Sharks of the Corn online

Year: 2021
Country: United States
Genres: Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 45min
Director:Tim Ritter
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