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Adopted from a well-known myth in China (and you can say a love story between a white snake and a male doctor whose fates has been tangled since prelife), the movie is still a love story but nothing I expected. I absolutely love the whole Sura city stuff and the idea of the two snake sisters (who are not both female in the original myth) finally seeing what's really been lied before them for centuries, the affection for each other, but too many things just don't add up at all. And also at one point, the director seems a bit lost in all those boring fight scenes. Basically, this movie doesn't see much improvement in every sense compare to the prequel. The west lake in winter is the only thing close to great.

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White Snake 2: Green Snake (2021)

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Original title:

Bai She 2: Qing She jie qi online

Year: 2021
Country: China
Time:2h 11min
Director:Amp Wong
Stars: Unknown stars
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