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The next day, "Margot", whose real name is Julia, goes to L'Optique and receives an eye exam and new glasses from Pippa. Julia invites Pippa to hang out with her. While Julia is at L'Optique, Thomas sees "Brent" photograph a model and pressure her into having sex with him. Pippa feels she has to tell Julia, but Thomas insists that she stop watching the neighbors. Pippa watches Julia apologize to "Brent" while he rejects her, prompting Pippa to see Julia. Julia reveals that she is a former model and her husband is named Sebastian, or Seb. He is a big name in the photography industry while she has doubts about her own worth.

Pippa observes Seb having a threesome and throwing a condom away afterwards. She later discovers how to access Julia and Seb's printer, which she uses to anonymously tell Julia that Seb is cheating and uses the condom as proof. Thomas angrily confronts Pippa about her involvement in Julia and Seb's relationship, and they watch as Julia grabs a knife and almost stabs Seb in his sleep, but instead goes to the bathroom and cries. The next morning, Pippa apologizes to Thomas and promises to stop watching Julia and Seb, but as she talks to Thomas, she grabs the binoculars and sees Seb discover Julia's body in the bathroom, as she seemingly slit her throat. Thomas blames Pippa for Julia's death, breaks up with her, and leaves the apartment.

As Pippa struggles to process the break-up and suicide, she continues to watch Seb. Upon seeing him go to a nearby pub, she decides to walk to the pub herself. Seb sits by her and asks if he had met her before, which Pippa denies. Seb tells her he is going through something painful, and discloses that an unnamed partner had been angry with him for being unfaithful, but he viewed the affairs as "less than meaningless" and did not view them as a big deal. Seb invites Pippa to an upcoming exhibition of his, and asks her to let him photographer at his apartment, which Pippa accepts. Seb pushes Pippa to let him photograph her nude, and after they both undress, they begin having sex. Thomas returns to the apartment, drinks a drink Pippa left in the fridge, and then pours it into her bird feeder. While doing so, he sees Pippa having sex with Seb across the street. The next morning, Pippa returns to her apartment, and finds Thomas dead, having supposedly hanged himself.

Pippa goes to dinner with Ari, and she tells her about Julia and Thomas' deaths, as well as her affair with Seb. Ari assures Pippa that none of this is her fault. Pippa says she wishes she could see Seb again to get closure, and she and Ari go to Seb's exhibition. There, Seb explains to the attendees that the project was a collaboration with his wife Julia, who then joins Seb on stage. To Pippa's horror, Seb and Julia reveal that Pippa and Thomas are the subjects of the exhibition; Seb and Julia are the owners of the apartment, and they secretly added a consent to photograph to their lease. Pippa storms out of the exhibition.

While packing her belongings in the apartment, Pippa discovers several birds lying on a grate just below her bird feeder. Seb and Julia return to their apartment after an interview and discover a bottle of wine left by a fan to congratulate them on the exhibit's success. They drink the wine until their printer begins printing. Pippa reveals she knows they had killed Thomas. They see Pippa on the roof of her apartment building, and they pursue her into L'Optique. There, Pippa tells them she knows Julia came into their apartment while she was having sex with Seb, put a drug into his drink, and then hanged Thomas after he passed out. Julia passes out, and Pippa reveals to Seb that she sent the wine, before he passes out as well. Pippa puts Seb and Julia on the table under the LASIK machine, turns it on high, and then shines the laser into their eyes.

A new couple have moved into Pippa and Thomas' apartment. They notice Seb and Julia in their apartment, both of whom are now blind. Pippa watches Seb and Julia from the roof of the apartment building, then leaves the binoculars on the roof.

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Year: 2021
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Director:Michael Mohan
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