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The Good- I liked the concept of this film about meeting two crazy people of holiday and not wanting to bring them into your everyday lives. It's something everyone can relate to I'm sure. The comedic timing in here is great from the secondary couple. John Cena is perfect for this role.

The Bad- Now this isn't a film I'd recommend all that much. If your in the mood for some dumb comedy then yes this is one I'd probably recommend but there are better comedies out there that are a lot funnier and send a better message. There wasn't a lot of issues I had with this film. There just isn't a lot of great things about it either.

Overall Thoughts- 'Vacation Friends' features enough laughs to keep viewers engaged. However the comedy doesn't 100% land but there is enough chemistry between the cast. Overall I'm going to give 'Vacation Friends' a 6/10.

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Vacation Friends (2021)

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Vacation Friends online

Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time:1h 43min
Director:Clay Tarver
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