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I've spent the past two year's now studying, filmmaking, directing, and reading the entire Witcher Series, along with completing the Wild Hunt 3 times over.

This film was pretty damn great; a prequel that answered my questions about the sacking of Kaer Morhen, and the origins of Vesemir. I personally think the film would've made more sense if it was longer, but it was sped along nicely, sometimes a tad too fast. The animation was stellar, with the writing almost perfect. My issues:The voice acting felt a bit monotone-not a deal breaker, but frustrating. It took immersion away a bit.

Tetra's backstory and motivation was answered, but I could've used more info.

Vessemir's true light; hard men are made hard by circumstance-I hope that season 2 of Witcher 3 gives us more of his morally-good side. Kindness is a virtue, even if only ever shown at ones worst moments.

The directing seemed to "direct" this film to readers of the original book series; we forget, not all of us have invested hundreds of ours rummaging through the novels. Some people may be left in the dark to some extent *cough*, "season one of the Witcher Netflix series"All in all, a great prequel that does justice to the Witcher Universe.

Time to get back to reading,Winds Howling.

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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf (2021)

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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf online

Year: 2021
Time:1h 23min
Director:Kwang Il Han
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