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By 1979, Texan rodeo star Mike Milo has retired due to a severe back injury. The following year, his former boss Howard Polk hires him to travel to Mexico City and bring back Howard's 13-year-old son, Rafo. He agrees and upon entering Mexico, he meets his mother Leta, who tells him that Rafo has turned to a life of crime, participating in cockfights with a rooster named Macho. Soon after, Mike finds Rafo participating in a cockfight that is interrupted by a police raid. After the police depart, Mike tells Rafo that his father wants to see him. Intrigued with the possibility of seeing his father's ranch, Rafo agrees to go with Mike back to Texas and leaves to pack his stuff.

A drunk Leta tells Mike that she wants her son to stay in Mexico and threatens him. After Mike leaves, Leta orders several of her henchmen to follow him. Driving back to Texas alone, Mike discovers that Rafo has snuck onto his truck. When Rafo steals his wallet and shares his desire to spend time with his father, Mike agrees to drive him to the border. During the drive there, the pair shares stories about their lives, including how Leta's henchmen used to abuse Rafo, and discuss the meaning of being "macho."

At a restaurant, Mike phones Howard and tells him that he has found Rafo. Outside of the restaurant, one of Leta's henchmen, Aurelio, tries to forcefully take Rafo and lies to the locals that Mike has kidnapped him. Rafo tells the locals that this is not true and they beat up Aurelio. After Mike and Rafo leave, the pair have their truck stolen by thieves. However, they soon find an abandoned car to use. At a cafe, the pair meets Marta, who agrees to let them stay for the night after they notice that several police officers are searching for them. The following day, Mike learns that Rafo has become friends with Marta after telling her the truth.

Continuing their journey, Mike tells Rafo that he lost his wife and children to a car accident. The following morning, Marta finds them in a shrine and brings them breakfast. Mike and Rafo then notice that the car they found has a leak and they are forced to leave it. After coming across a ranch, Mike teaches Rafo how to ride a horse and shows his love for animals. The pair returns to Marta's cafe and begins spending time with her family. They also begin to spend time at the ranch and Howard calls Mike, expressing his concern that Mike has been in Mexico for two weeks. After a few days, the pair say goodbye to Marta and start their final drive to the border.

With a new vehicle, the pair stops after noticing a patrol car following them. Mike reveals that Howard told him over the phone that he wants to see Rafo simply to battle Leta in court for her money. An angry Rafo tries to leave but the police find them and search their vehicle. When they find nothing, the police officers leave and the pair continues their journey. While driving, Mike tells Rafo that being "macho" is overrated and encourages him to make his own decisions in life. Rafo says he still wants to be with his father. Aurelio then finds them, runs them off the road, and holds them at gunpoint. However, Macho jumps at him and Mike steals his gun. The pair then use Aurelio's car to make it to the border. As a final goodbye, Rafo gives Macho to Mike before reuniting with his father. Mike returns to Mexico and begins a relationship with Marta.

Cry Macho (2021)

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Cry Macho online

Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time:1h 44min
Director:Clint Eastwood
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