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The girl, Maya, tells them how 27 years ago their father, the infamous Ullat Baba had helped her father by chasing away a paranormal entity known as Kichkandi from their tea estate in Dharamshala. Now the same Kichkandi is back and the workers are scared to work at the factory after the nightfall.

The van arrives in the village and everyone, except for Maya's sister Kanika warmly welcomes the duo.

While Chiraunji interviews the villagefolk, who each have different accounts of being haunted by the Kichkandi, Vibhooti entertains a little girl named Teetli. Maya sees a photo of Ullat Baba, and sees one person who's still around, a man named Santo.

The brothers visit Santo, who lives in a temple. Santo recalls how 27 years ago, his wife was possessed by the Kichkandi, killing two people, and permanently blinding Santo. Ullat Baba came, and performed an exorcism in the forest, trapping the spirit of the Kichkandi in a bone in a jar, and securing it in a burned tree. However, Santo's wife died.

The brothers go to the forest and find the same jar. Vibhooti, who is a skeptic of the supernatural, breaks open the jar and leaves the bone in the forest.

A Dog comes with the bone in the mouth to Maya's Bedroom. Maya becomes possessed.

Vibhooti, still skeptic, finds that the manager was pretending to be the original ghost to scare off the tea villagers so Kanika can convince her sister into selling off their estate. Vibhooti agrees to perform a fake exorcism in exchange for money.

During the fake exorcism, Vibhooti spikes Chiaruanji’s drink without his knowledge to create a dramatic scenario for the villagers to believe. Chiraunji learns of this and the two brothers get into an altercation and decide to go their separate ways.

Vibhooti encounters Titli again and while running away from Chedi, he realises that Titli is indeed a ghost and starts to believe in ghosts himself. Kichkandi who now possesses Maya attacks Chiraunji and Chiraunji transfers the spirit from Maya’s to Vibhooti’s body.

Chiraunji, with the help of his father’s knowledge, sees that Kichkandi is actually Titli’s mother and they were both killed by the British owners of the land, Kichkandi was burnt alive while Titli was shot when she was waiting for her mother. Kichkandi is looking for her daughter. The brother duo help Titli and Kichkandi reunite and the spirits fade away into the sky.

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Bhoot Police (2021)

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Original title:

Bhoot Police online

Year: 2021
Country: India
Genres: Comedy / Horror / New Movies
Time:2h 9min
Director:Pawan Kripalani
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