Tughlaq Durbar (2021)

Now enters Damayanthi and Mayor into the fray who run an illegal construction and money laundering firm for corporate companies under the pretext of NGO named Aashirvaad Foundation. They initially sign a contract with Singam under Rayappan as a mediator for evacuation and demolition of J.K Nagar and offer 50 Crs as advance as bribe.But in the wake of the night, Singam’s alter ego again resurfaces and leaks the document to media framing Rayappan, Singam and the ruling party under corruption case. Agitated Rayappan calls for an urgent party meeting to catch the culprit but is shocked to see the vigilante masked in CCTV. He then orders Singam to check the whereabouts of the money hideout only to find the mask used by the vigilante in there. Now begins the cat and mouse game between Singam and vigilante Singam who flunks out what corrupt Singam’s plans to do using various tactics and even causes distrust with Vasu who leaves him after seeing his evil intentions and Rayappan questioning his loyalty. Finally, after getting convinced by the evidence found against Singam, Rayappan deduces that Singam is the masked Vigilante who has conked all his wrongdoings and orders his henchmen to abduct him only to be caught red-handed by the Income tax department while exchanging money due to the intelligence of the vigilante Singam. After investigations it is found that Singam handed over only 1/5th of the money. After being bailed out by Kamatchi, who comes across the truth about him and breaks up with him angrily for playing with her emotions. Meanwhile an angry and denounced Rayappan orders his henchmen to kill Singam in his own area as a statement for betrayal only to be saved by Lakshmi (whose pregnancy Singam gambled with for vote) and his area people, but not before passing out due to fatal injuries sustained. In the hospital Singam realises his folly for betraying trust of his people against their love they showered over him over the years and inspired by Vasu and the final video recording of his alter ego in which he reveals the hideout of remaining money through Vasu,he reconciles with Manimegalai after thrashing her pervert boss who sexually abused many women thereby shaving is head in public and slowly regains his reputation to emerge as the people’s favourite MLA candidate in upcoming state elections by performing his duties with the money he stoved away. Fearing his defeat certain and fumed with rage about loss, Rayappan kidnaps J.K Nagar’s 40 children to extract remaining 40 crs from Singam to avenge his loss only to be exposed to media about his atrocities to public and CM, who orders Rayappan to drop his plans not before sacking him from party and issuing orders to arrest Damayanti. In the meeting with CM Nagarajan Chozlan aka Ammavasa, Singam quickly cements his place as CM’s right hand man and becomes J.K Nagar’s MLA by playing in the same manner he did with Rayappan much to shock and belief of his Vasu who again questions his personality to which Singam replies there always need for perfect mix of good and evil to sustain in politics.

Tughlaq Durbar (2021)
Tughlaq Durbar (2021)
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Original title:

Tughlaq Durbar

Year: 2021
Country: India
Time:2h 25min
  • Tughlaq Durbar (2021)
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