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​Eventually, Antonio chooses to see his now-widowed mother, who appears apathetic and unwilling to appear for his trial. Antonio is fired by his boss at the tattoo parlor due to unpaid debts. He makes amends with Parker, whose cancer has gotten worse. When she falls unconscious, he takes her to the hospital. Kathy gives birth to her and Antonio’s daughter, and they reunite. On the day of Antonio’s hearing, Kathy, Jessie, Antonio’s friends, Ace, and Antonio’s mother, arrive to offer support. Antonio, unbeknownst to them, is abducted by Denny and his friends, who viciously assault him and leave him for dead. Knowing that he's guaranteed to be deported, Antonio attempts to commit suicide by drowning but cannot bring himself to do it. Denny brags to Ace about assaulting Antonio and making him miss his hearing, and Ace, disgusted, arrests him.

After saying his final goodbyes to his friends, Antonio is escorted by ICE to the airport for deportation to South Korea. Intending to go with him, Kathy and Jessie manage to locate him at the airport. Ace also arrives, wanting to say his farewells to Jessie, his daughter, before she leaves. Not wanting to displace his own family and not knowing where he'll be sent, Antonio tells them to stay in America. Unable to let go of an inconsolable Jessie, Antonio is forcibly separated from her as she cries out for him.

Real-life cases of other unnaturalized adoptees who are either facing deportation or have been deported are shown, along with the estimates by the Adoptee Rights Campaign of international adoptees who face similar circumstances.​

Blue Bayou (2021)

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Original title:

Blue Bayou online

Year: 2021
Country: United States, Canada
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 57min
Director:Justin Chon
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