Mayday (2021)

Im a grumpy old man, that has been working in a 95% female environment all my life as a nurse, ''boy youre too girlie girlie'' theyve sung for me, even though ive always tried to keep a low profile, and have therefore, i guess, avoided what we all know as feminism, and all that it stands for. But according to this well filmatographicly made stub of motionpicture, i have my doupt to the feminism-topic. Is it really as bad as this in 2021? Is it really necesarry to make such movies today? What will it gain? Who is the core audience to this murderous female campaign, that starts up with a pusnished girl that creeps into a pandoras box( still profoundly in love with pandora) waking up in a fog of war, supposedly 2nd world war, where the main purpose is killing men...!?

I shall not elaborate or spoil the fun for the ultras, but i think this movie is 50 jahre spaet gemacht, the war on feminism is merely over, the battle is almost won, and as the counterintelligence says its going to become like a paradise in the years to come, cause theyve invented the new version of the atomic bomb, namely the #metoo threat that hangs over each and every man every hour, minute or second of the day.

So i might be a silly grumpy old man that love to break even with everyone and loves to watch quality filmatography, which there are lots of in ''mayday'', and i might as well deaclare the start of a new movement to protect myself from the wave of criticism that will come outta this review, namely #mentoo, cause its not that easy to be a man after all. So my final conclusion is i saw, became bored and fell of and still threading the water...

Mayday (2021)
Mayday (2021)
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Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time:1h 40min
Director:Karen Cinorre
  • Mayday (2021)
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