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A documentary about the event in 2017 about a rescue mission where 13 soccer kids and their coach got stuck inside a cave in Thailand.

I think I heard a little bit about this event back then, but I had almost no memory of it coming in to this documentary. And wow, this was the most emotionally powerful and inspiring time that I had at the theater this year.

The documentary aspect was extremely well done. There were minimal side-tracking, and the story got straight to the rescue and spent the entire time focusing on the divers and intense situation. Quite amazing was also reinvention of the scenes in the cave by the divers that participated in the rescue. Added to that were the real footage from the divers inside the cave. Some of them were heartbreaking to watch.

I was on the edge of my seat for the whole rescue mission. I was glad that I didn't remember anything about the event, because I had no idea if the rescue was a success or not. Many times I had expected the worst outcome, which made me even more worried.

The divers who were interviewed were incredible at retelling the story. They told enough information to get audience understand the direness of the situation as well as their emotions throughout the mission. There were some scenes that talked about the divers and their personal lives, but it was told just enough that I got where they came from and not feeling dragged.

Lastly, the theme of not giving up and unification of the people were beautiful. So many times the divers thought it was impossible, but others encouraged them to take risks and not giving up hope on the kids. The amount of people that came from around the globe to participate in helping the kids were inspiring. It gave you more hope on humanity.

Overall, an incredible documentary portraying an incredible event. 9.5/10.

The Rescue (2021)

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