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You know what you're in for in the first three minutes: derivative plot, inane dialog, don't-quit-your-day-job actors trying their hardest but given nothing to work with, and "special" special effects. That said, this was better than most Asylum movies.

The lead actress portraying Astrid (not the top billed corpulent weirdo Sean Young) was passable. She looked familiar, perhaps from another Asylum effort? At any rate, she was a bit better than the others. The rest of the cast did an adequate job - with a few notable exceptions. They kept the movie interesting enough that I made it to the end. This was an accomplishment, since the plot was copied from Dune with a humorless nod towards Tremors.

Asylum movies have to be rated on a scale all their own. Given their trademark xeroxed plots, no name "actors", one marquee decades-past-their-prime-assuming-they-even-had-one former B-lister desperate for cash, incompetent direction, laughable special effects, continuity errors, Halloween costumes, two dollar budgets and so on, the best Asylum can hope for is 1 out of 10 when compared to professionally produced films. This was better than most excreted by Asylum, scoring 0.5, which is a 5 for an Asylum film. Five stars.

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Planet Dune (2021)

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Planet Dune online

Year: 2021
Country: United States
Time:1 hour 26 minutes
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