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Cassie (Sophia Carson) and Luke (Nicholas Golitsyn) are very different, but a chance meeting in a bar changes their lives forever. Newly enlisted Luke prepares to become a Marine, and smart and beautiful Cassie works nights at a bar to make ends meet. The girl writes songs and dreams of becoming a singer. Cassie suffers from diabetes, and every year the treatment costs more.

Once, after receiving another medical bill, the girl can't stand it and asks her friend Frank, who has just been drafted into the army, to make a deal with her. She will marry him and get health insurance that covers all her expenses, and he will get an increased salary. Frank, not wanting to cheat the IRS, refuses. Unexpectedly, salvation comes from colleague Frank Luke, who accepts a marriage of convenience. Cassie doesn't know if the guy has ulterior motives for getting married, but the plan seems perfect.

Now newlyweds have to carefully pose as lovers to make their marriage look real. But in reality, it turns out to be much more difficult than they expected. A sudden tragedy blurs the line between reality and fiction and unites the main characters forever.

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Purple Hearts (2022)

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Purple Hearts online

Year: 2022
Country: United States
Genres: Drama / Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 30m
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