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There are black and white stripes in everyone's life, but young Sam (Eva Noblezada) is so unlucky that she seems to be the envy of poor Marie Benz (Corinne Charby) and Francois Perrin (Pierre Richard) from the old French comedy. "The wretch" . However, Sam is not only very unlucky, but also very brave, therefore, after learning about the existence of the mysterious Land of Happiness, she bravely embarks on a journey to unknown distances, taking only her faithful black cat Bob ( Simon Pegg). with her.

But maybe Sam got the wrong travel companion? After all, what do superstitious people say? They say, "It's bad luck if a black cat crosses the road." And only the composer Yuri Saulsky and the poet Mihail Tanich are well aware of how cats of this color actually live among suspicious people: "Meanwhile, on the contrary, only a black cat is unlucky."

Besides, as it turns out, in a magical land where Sam and Bob hope to finally meet fortune, not everything is as calm as in Baghdad. The luckiest dragon in the world (Jane Fonda), the captain (Whoopi Goldberg) and other forces from Luck are faced with total bad luck that is about to get out of control.

To deal with her own chronic bad luck and help save Luck from complete destruction, little Sam will have to join forces with the amazing inhabitants of a wonderful land who, in the current dangerous situation, can no longer rely on the happy coincidence that accompanied it. them through life. The dragon, who has never known trouble, must now make an incredible effort on himself and face his fears head-on, or risk losing his luck forever.

And together they will make an amazing discovery: there are forces in the world even stronger than His Majesty Luck, which some of them are so used to relying on.

Luck (2022)

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Luck online

Year: 2022
Country: Spain, United States
Time:1h 45m
Director:Peggy Holmes
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