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Frank's life was changed by a freak accident. One evening he was drunk and got behind the wheel. On the way, he met a deer and, in order not to collide with an animal, the driver tried to stop the path. However, he lost control and had an accident. His wife died in this tragedy.

For this offense, he was stripped of his police badge and the post of head of the department. Soon, when the passions subsided a little, the man was hired as a regular security guard.

But even here he only dreamed of calmness: a year later, he accidentally became an eyewitness to a confrontation between two types of criminals - amphetamine dealers. Despite the fact that he was no longer an officer of the law, he was unable to stay away. As a result, one of the drug dealers, Virgil, ended up in prison. His son, Jake, avenged him. He learned that the ex-cop has an adult daughter, Chloe.

The girl is not doing well either. Shortly before her mother's death, she was diagnosed with cancer and it was not easy for her to survive all this. But after a year of trying to recover, she and her friend Tammy go to the family home in the woods to relax. There, the bandits overcome her, but they still do not suspect how tenacious and penetrating their victim is.

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Wrong Place (2022)

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Original title:

Wrong Place online

Year: 2022
Country: United States
Time:1h 36m
Director:Mike Burns
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