No Hard Feelings (2023)

Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence), 30, lives in Montauk, Suffolk, a county of over 3,000, where she works as an Uber driver. Maddie leads a pretty wild life and is in no rush to think about the future. One day, his only source of income - a car - is taken away. Not only does the girl remain unemployed, but she may lose her parental home if she does not pay all the bills.

The main character goes in search of a new job, but soon learns from her friend Sarah (Natalie Morales) about a very unusual vacancy: Laird (Matthew Broderick) and Allison (Laura Benanti) are looking for a girlfriend for their 19 years. one-year-old son, Percy (Andrew Bart Feldman), to help him relax before going to college. The problem is that Percy is a notorious introvert who prefers to spend his evenings alone rather than having fun with his peers. They promise good money and Maddie takes the job, but within minutes of meeting, communication is not established and Percy sprays Maddie in the face while mistaking her for a kidnapper.

No Hard Feelings (2023)
No Hard Feelings (2023)
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Original title:

No Hard Feelings

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Genres: Comedy / Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 43m
Director:Gene Stupnitsky
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