The Moon (2023)

Events take place in the near future. On the calendar - 2029. South Korea sends three astronauts to the moon. Circumstances of force majeure intervene in the case - a solar flare leads to malfunctions in the operation of the aircraft and its subsequent crash.

Only one crew member manages to survive the crash. He also achieves an incredible result - he lands on the far side of the moon. The best specialists on the planet do everything to save lives and safely return the hero to Earth.

The entire population, with bated breath, eagerly watches the live broadcasts of the attempts to come to the rescue of a young cosmonaut, who at that moment is under an incessant shower of meteors.

The Moon (2023)
The Moon (2023)
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Original title:

Deo mun

Year: 2023
Country: South Korea
Time:2h 9m
Director:Yong-hwa Kim
  • The Moon (2023)
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