Family Switch (2023)

The plot centers on the Walker family, which consists of the head of the family Bill (Ed Helms), his wife Jess (Jennifer Garner), eldest children CC (Emma Myers) and Wyatt (Brady Noon), youngest Miles (Theodore Sykes) and dog Pickles . It is difficult for Walkers to find a common language with each other, since they are all very different, and all their joint activities almost always end in a quarrel or another argument. However, one day the family gets a chance to change relationships and unite. Waking up on Christmas Day, Jess discovers that in some incredible way she ended up in the body of her daughter. CC ends up in her mother's body, and Billy and Wyatt switch each other's bodies. The most unexpected transformation is experienced by the youngest child, who ends up in the body of a dog. These events take place on the most important days for the Walkers. In order not to spoil anything, the main characters will have to unite and learn to help a friend, as well as find the reason for the mysterious transformation.

Family Switch (2023)
Family Switch (2023)
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Original title:

Family Switch

Year: 2023
Country: United States
Genres: Comedy / Family / New Movies
Time:1h 41m
  • Family Switch (2023)
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